The Raid 4L Trophy

Teams participating in the Raid 4L Trophy will be departing from Paris and Bordeaux on 18 February 2010 for the adventure of a lifetime. Driving Renault 4Ls, teams will attempt to cover a distance of 6,000 kilometers, over some very challenging Moroccan terrain from 19 February to 1 March. The event has been organized by Desertours exclusively for students to participate in and is supported by students from the ESC Rennes School of Business. In addition to the thrill of the race, teams will have the privilege of working along with the Paris-based organization Enfants du Désert in delivering more than 60 tons of educational and sporting equipment to schools in remote areas of Morocco – and sharing in the excitement of recipient communities.

The exact route for Le Raid 4L Trophy will not be made public prior to the race, because an integral feature of the adventure is navigating with the aid of only a compass, road book and a map. It is known, however, that they will be traveling in the region of Merzouga. Obstacles and challenges that teams can expect along the way include mountainous terrain and valleys, with endless stretches of shifting sand and dunes. Recognizing the need to respect the environment in the areas where competitors will be traveling, organizers are involved in a number of conservation initiatives which teams will be expected to adhere to. These include skillful driving to conserve fuel and being sure not to litter.

The Raid 4L Trophy had its beginning in 1996 when Jean-Jaques Rey and some friend were discussing exploring the desert in a vehicle other than a costly 4×4. Jean-Jacques decided to try the Renault 4L – a vehicle known for its reliability. By the end of February 1998, three teams set out accompanied by a 4×4, a mechanic, an expert in logistics and a doctor. To his delight, the car proved up to the challenge, and the Raid 4L Trophy was born, with the rest being history.

An event of this magnitude takes some serious organization, and the Raid 4L Trophy has a team of 200 experienced support staff overseeing every aspect all along the way, under the leadership of Jean-Jacques Rey. No doubt excitement will reach fever-pitch by February as teams make their final preparations to travel to Morocco for an event is sure to benefit all involved.