Sufi Culture Festival in Fez

The Sufi Culture Festival that takes place in Fez in Morocco, is more than just a celebration of spirituality through music and festivities, it is also an opportunity for leaders to get together to discuss certain issues in regard to Sufi. Visitors to the Sufi Culture Festival will also gain insight into this mysterious side of the Islam religion and be introduced to the Sufi heritage, rituals and beliefs. It is a festival where dance and music fills the evening air and where art and workshops spread the Sufi message of love and tolerance.

Sufism has been infused in the culture of Morocco for centuries. Sufi teachers are viewed to be moral examples for the rest of the public, because of their teachings of leniency and their lives that reflect peace and compassion. This form of spiritual education is seen as the centre piece for the Islam faith and has been recorded to have been in existence as far back as the eleventh century. Spiritual centers where Sufism is taught started coming to light in the thirteenth century and during the Mongol invasions. Sufi became vital to the Muslim religion by preserving their belief in spirituality.

For the people of Morocco, Sufi has become an important part of spiritual and human development. Thus the Sufi Cultural Festival is held to celebrate the teachings and cultural history of Sufism in Morocco. The Sufi teachings have inspired many other festivals throughout the world, such as the World Sufi Festival that is held in Glasgow, in Scotland. The 2008 Sufi Culture Festival in Fez will be hosted between the 17th of April 2008 and the 24th of April 2008. Discussions for this year’s festival will centre on topics including Sufism and Human Development, Woman and Spirituality, and Sufism and Dialogue Orient Occident.

The rest of the festival is brought to life through art exhibitions, music and performing Sufi artists and musicians. It is a festival that promotes peace, understanding, love and respect; opening visitors’ hearts and minds to ancient teachings that have been trying to educate the human race on how to live together and accept the differences between people without prejudice. Visitors to the Sufi Culture Festival will find it to be a unique and rejuvenating experience, and hopefully send them home with serenity in their hearts.