Picturesque Tata is the Ideal Escape

To the southeast of the cities of Taroudannt and Agadir, near the border of Algeria, lies the beautiful little town of Tata. Morocco is filled with spectacular destinations, but what makes Tata unique is the fact that it is a wonderful town in itself, but can also be useful as a base for tourists who want to explore the surrounding areas. Its diversity lures hundreds of visitors each year and its picturesque setting amongst breathtaking gardens and magnificent palm groves makes Tata one of the most unforgettable destinations in Morocco.

Far removed from its once morbid and terrible past, visitors often find it hard to believe that Tata was a massive slave market. Looking at the traders and the descendants of the slaves, who live and trade together, the memory of slavery has been replaced by a vibrant souk (market), where residents earn a living and visitors are swept up in its energetic atmosphere. Surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges and fruit orchids, the Tata area feels more like an oasis on the outskirts.

The town centre is a hive of activity. It serves as the taxi and bus rank and it is where locals and visitors congregate to socialize. All along the town square, restaurants and cafés offer visitors a relaxing alternative from traveling. The town square is where good food and cold refreshments make way for fascinating conversation and vibrant evenings, before heading to one of the various accommodation establishments that combine comfortable living with reasonable pricing. Tradition is everywhere in Tata, and Berber women are easily recognized in their purple and blue garments. There are also a few charming streets to explore and the gardens serve as a good location to enjoy the tranquilly of the town.

From wondrous landscapes and bustling town square, to culture, tradition and relaxation, Tata fulfills every need. As a junction between destinations, it provides rest to weary travelers and to those exploring the greatness of the region, a welcoming and friendly town to call their temporary home. Its history makes it unique, the souk makes it worth discovering and its extraordinary diversity between the past and present makes Tata a town that is distinctive and a worthy destination.