Mirhleft – A Paradise in Morocco

There could be no location more ideal than a destination that has clean beaches and magnificent ocean views to offer. And when it is accompanied by a quaint village and wonderful historical attractions, it becomes close to perfect. In Morocco there is just such a site and water sport enthusiasts flock there in their thousands to enjoy the sun and surf that Mirhleft has to offer. There are frequent taxi and bus trips available from nearby Sidi Ifni and Tiznit, so transportation to the village is convenient, making it a good destination to consider for a day trip as well.

Swimmers might find the ocean here a little challenging as it is known for its strong undercurrents, but for paragliders and surfers Mirhleft is a little piece of Moroccan paradise. Surfers are always enthusiastic about the waves in Mirhleft, and they are also able to find suitable and reasonably priced accommodation in the village. There is one hotel in the village for those seeking a little more luxury. Alternative accommodation can also be found in Albergo de la Plage located just outside of Mirhleft. The area has its own private beach. Legzire, which is approximately twelve miles away, also offers comfortable places to stay.

Amongst the attractions that Mirhleft has to offer is a historical Muslim tomb that is located three kilometers from the village. Within the village, visitors are invited to explore the ruins of a French fort, but due to its age and disrepair visitors are advised to apply caution when wandering around the remaining structures. The unpaved roads and traditional culture of the locals gives the village the atmosphere of being untouched and newly discovered.

The village of Mirhleft is not only spectacular during the day but in the evenings it comes alive with music and good food, with a number of quaint bars and popular restaurants entertaining the locals and visitors. Dancing and celebration carries on till late at night, creating a lively and festive setting for visitors to enjoy. Surfers have been visiting Mirhleft for many years, and it is a recommended destination for ocean lovers and adventurers.