Kitesurfing in Morocco

The water sport of kitesurfing, also referred to as kiteboarding, is a mixture of surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing. A rider will stand on the kiteboard or surfboard while using the wind to generate speed and power to drag the kitesurfer across the water. Kitesurfers participate in wave riding, free style or wake style kitesurfing. Footstraps ensure that that the kitesurfer does not lose the board. While the kite utilizes the wind to propel kitesurfers forward, it is still a risky sport and it is recommended that individuals take lessons and learn all the safety precautions, even while on holiday in Morocco and just wanting to try it out.

As the sport of kitesurfing has taken off so rapidly across the world, it has also become a popular activity in Morocco for locals and holiday makers. There are a number of water sport organizations in Morocco that offer kitesurfing and take holiday makers on a step by step training program first, to teach them how to kitesurf and to ensure they know all the safety measures and precautions. These packages are usually a week long to ensure visitors get the most out of their experience. Those who have kitesurfed before can ask to be given a few lessons to improve on a specific move or skill.

Dakhla is one of the most popular locations for kitesurfing in Morocco as the lagoon is ideal for beginners and more advanced surfers, as the waves get more challenging on the side of the lake that is nearest to the ocean. There is also a wonderful camping ground and accommodation for visitors. Kitesurfing gear and equipment can be hired here as well. The city of Essaouira is nicknamed the windy city and is therefore also ideal for kitesurfing. This Atlantic coastal city is merely a few hours from Marrakech, and each year the Essaouira Kiteboard World Cup is hosted here.

The majority of kitesurfing locations and water sports operators are able to rent all the equipment a visitor might need and share the magnificent experience of kitesurfing with those who wish to try out this exciting sport. Morocco is fast becoming a preferred kitesurfing destination.