I Love Hip Hop in Morocco

“I Love Hip Hop in Morocco” is a feature-length documentary following a group of young Moroccan Hip Hop artists pursuing their dream of staging Morocco’s first ever Hip Hop Festival. The film documents their struggle to overcome the strong resistance they meet up with, as well as their initiative in raising the necessary funds to achieve their, seemingly impossible, goal. Viewers are taken on a journey where they get acquainted with the self-motivated Hip Hop artists on a personal level.

DJ Key is a self-taught turntable phenomenon and one of the pioneers of the Hip Hop movement in Morocco. His mixing skills along with his ability to blend old and new school rap has earned him the distinction of being the number one DJ in Morocco. He is passionate about Hip Hop and devotes much of his time to organizing concerts and workshops throughout Morocco as well as introducing true Hip Hop into the nightclubs.

H-Kayne is a ground-breaking rap group on the verge of stardom who made history in 2005 as the first rap group from Morocco to be signed to a major record label, Platinum Records. The founding members of the group, who started performing together about 10 years ago, come from the Moroccan city of Meknes. They were joined in year 2000 by DJ Khalid and released their debut album “1 Son du Bled’Art” which was well received. H-Kayne continues to be the headlining Hip Hop group at all Morocco’s major music festivals. Their second album “HK 1426” was released recently.

Fnaïre was founded in 1998 and have made a name for themselves as well as for their home city of Marrakech. Their first album “Laftouhe” is an unusual fusion of traditional sounds and melodies offering something uniquely Moroccan to the Hip Hop world. In 2005 Moroccan Hip Hop was given significant exposure when Fnaïre performed on a nationally televised musical program. They have recently completed their second album “Yad El Henna”.

High school girl, Fati, is determined to fight against the odds to achieve recognition as a female rapper in an Arab man’s world. She appeared as part of the duo, Mot de Passe, at the I Love Hip Hop in Morocco festival in 2005 and has recently gone solo. MC Big, a former member of the Casablanca group Mafia-C, is enjoying success as a solo artist and is considered to be the premier Arabic-language rapper. His solo album, “Maghraba Tal Mout” is said to be a skilful blend of American R&B with dynamic Moroccan rap.

The film I Love Hip Hop in Morocco sets out to explore the thoughts and dreams of the young people who represent the future of the Arab world. The favorable response from audiences shows that they have achieved their goal.