Historical Attraction of the Merenid Tombs

The Merenid Dynasty of Morocco came into power in 1248 by defeating the Almohad Dynasty in the city of Marrakech. Rabat was declared the new capital city of Morocco, and architectural development and the growth of art in the country was encouraged by the Merenid Dynasty. They ruled over Morocco until 1415, and some of their structures are still visible today as reminders of their part in history. Amongst these is the Merenid Tombs.

The Merenid Tombs are located on a picturesque hill, just outside of Fez, and provides visitors with breathtaking views of the city. From its location, popular attractions and landmark religious sites can be seen amongst the bustle of Fez. The rolling hills that surround the Merenid Tombs allow visitors to appreciate the beauty of this region in Morocco. It is also situated close to Bab Guissa, which is visible from the tombs.

What remains of the Merenid Tombs can only be described as ruins, as time and the weather has taken its toll on this historical structure. And yet it remains a frequently visited attraction, as the few walls that still stand offer detailed carvings, and the mystery that surround the tombs make this site even more attractive. Not much is known about the tombs in regard to who was buried here or for whom the tombs were built. It is known though that the tombs date back to the fourteenth century, to the time of the Merenid Dynasty.

A taxi can be taken to the Merenid Tombs, but most visitors prefer to hike to the site and enjoy the natural wonders that can be found along the way. As this part of the Fez region is reasonably isolated, visitors are recommended to visit the site during the day. At times, traveling traders and other tourists can be found at the tombs. Hiring a guide is an advisable option, not only for finding your way safely to the ruins and back, but they are invaluable in providing visitors with information and fascinating tales in regard to the region. Visiting the Merenid Tombs is a wonderful historical experience, as well as an ideal way to enjoy spectacular views of the area.