Exploring the Wonders of Azilal

In Morocco there are many ways to discover the beauty and magnificence of the country. Various tour operators offer visitors unforgettable journeys on horseback, by camel or hiking, so as to share the wonder of nature, uniqueness of unexplored villages and the warm hospitality of the local communities. When it comes to traveling and finding the treasures of the Upper Atlas Mountains, there is one village in Morocco that is recommended as a base camp, namely Azilal. From here the picturesque landscapes of the Azilal region can be enjoyed, one day at a time.

The communities of the Azilal region view their surrounding sights and attractions, not only as points of interest for tourists and visitors, but as their guarantee for the future and are therefore extremely involved in the conservation of their natural surroundings. Most of the community members embrace traditional and agricultural occupations, such as farming and producing products such as nut oil, cheese and honey. Their small scale activities work in harmony with nature, ensuring that the land remains as spectacular as it has always been.

One of the most popular attractions in the Azilal region is the Ouzoud waterfalls, approximately thirty-six kilometers from Azilal. Bin el Ouidane Lake is not only beautiful, but also accommodates a few water sport activities such as windsurfing. Swimming and fishing can also be enjoyed in certain areas, and if visitors want to explore the deep history of the region, a trip to the El Ksiba and Aven des Ours caves are recommended. The Aït Bouguemez Valley is another magical feature to discover, either on mountain bike, hiking or by mule rides. The Upper Andes Mountains are perfect skiing locations at the right time of year, while other adventure sports in the valley can be arranged through tour operators, and include exciting activities such as paragliding and parachuting.

Unimaginable artistry can also be viewed in the old tribal leader’s castles, where the walls are painted in beautiful designs and colors. The local residents in Azilal are friendly and hospitable and make visitors feel welcome at all times. There is no better way to trek through the Upper Andes Mountains, than to create a base camp in Azilal and enjoy the beauty of the region’s scenery.