Experience the Beauty and Hospitality of Tinerhir

The fascinating town of Tinerhir (or Tineghir) is situated in the Atlas Mountains of eastern Morocco. Tinerhir is proving to be a popular tourist destination. In addition to the town itself being very interesting, the people are friendly and hospitable and there are a number of places of interest to visit.

Throughout the town of Tinerhir there are mazes of narrow streets and alleyways that run between the houses. The old Jewish quarters have distinctive architecture, different from the rest of the town, but similar to old Jewish quarters found in many towns in Morocco.

There are many places in Tinerhir where Berber rugs are manufactured for sale. Visitors can watch the process and most carpet makers are happy to answer questions and explain what the carpet making process involves – even if you don’t buy one. Genuine Berber rugs are hand-made exclusively by women, with each rug having a unique pattern and colors.

The nearby Todra Gorge is considered to be one of the most awe-inspiring sights in Morocco. Cliff-sided canyons have been carved through about 40 kilometers of mountain by the Todra and Dades Rivers. The last 600 meters or so of the Todra Gorge are the most impressive, with the canyon narrowing in places to a 10 meter wide passage with smooth rock walls reaching a height of 160 meters on either side. The sun only reaches the bottom of the gorge in the early morning and at night it is very cold, even when the temperature is warm in the nearby village. There is only a tiny glacier stream now, where once there had been a rushing torrent of water. With a well-maintained dirt road to walk along, visitors can enjoy the spectacular scenery, which includes a view of the Todra oasis, at leisure, while meeting up from time to time with friendly locals.

There is a lush oasis on the outskirts of Tinerhir which supports the local agriculture of date palms, olives, pomegranates, almonds and a variety of fruit and vegetables. The settlements around the oasis have essentially retained the traditions and lifestyle of days gone by with the mud-constructed houses often being made by the owner himself. The houses are light in color and contrast beautifully with the surrounding greenery of the oasis.

The town of Tinerhir has accommodation to suit every traveler’s budget, with guided tours to the surrounding places of interest. Visitors can be sure that they will always be welcome in the lovely Moroccan town of Tinerhir.