Chez Ali – An Authentic Moroccan Experience

Situated just a few miles out of the city of Marrakech in Morocco, Chez Ali has been welcoming and entertaining guests for more than twenty-five years. The large fort-like arena offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Moroccan experience, with musicians, dancers, and a traditional five-course meal served in Moroccan caidal tents, followed by a dramatic Fantasia performance.

Chez Ali can cater for around 2,000 guests at a time in its 20 caidal tents and is often filled to capacity. On arrival guests are led through two lines of rifle-wielding Berber horsemen on their steeds to the tents where dinner is served. Guests are made comfortable in the tents in preparation for their meal, which consists of traditional Moroccan cuisine such as harira soup, lamb tajine, couscous, vegetables, chicken, petit fours and fruit. Wine, beer and soft drinks can be ordered and traditional mint tea ends off the meal. During the dinner, guests are serenaded and entertained by musicians and dancers.

After dinner, guests are led to the stone seats surrounding the main arena in preparation for the Fantasia. With its origins in the Rif, a mountainous region of north Morocco, the Fantasia is a war ceremony between opposing groups of horsemen, each representing the prime warriors of their tribes. The show starts with an impressive display by a belly dancer on a central platform, which is followed by the mock battle between the Berber horsemen. After showing off their extensive and remarkable acrobatic horse-riding skills, the riders gather in groups of four and gallop across the length of the arena before firing their rifles. The battle is followed by entertaining displays including camels, musicians, singers, jugglers and belly dancers. The grand finale of the Fantasia is Aladdin on his magic carpet flying high above the ground across the one end of the arena, accompanied by a breath-taking fireworks display.

If you are in the fortunate position of being able to visit the charming city of Marrakech, take some time out to visit Chez Ali – a popular tourist attraction that superbly showcases the hospitality, traditions, folklore and mystique of marvelous Morocco.