A Vacation in Mirleft

Picture the ideal location for your vacation. Imagine wide untouched stretches of beach, high cliffs that overlook the ocean, friendly locals who greet you on the streets, picturesque historical buildings and tranquil landscapes. If this is what you imagine the ideal destination for relaxation to be, then the town of Mirleft in Morocco is the place for you. It is unusual that such as wonderful town is not promoted more, but for the musicians and artists that journey to Mirleft for inspiration and to escape their bustling schedules, it is a relief that Mirleft has remained untainted by the growing tourism industry.

To reach Mirleft, travelers are advised to make their way to Tiznit and then continue on to Mirleft, which is located thirty-eight kilometers from the city. Agadir is located a hundred and forty kilometers away. Mirleft is a popular secret getaway destination, with its city center situated a mere five hundred meters away from its breathtaking beaches. With an estimated population of about eight thousand, the locals are extremely friendly and welcoming.

Even though the town is small, it does feature a few modern facilities such as a post office and a bank that has automated teller machines. There is accommodation available for visitors to Mirleft, but no luxury hotel chains to choose from. Instead it has intimate historical accommodation such as the old military fort that was constructed in the year 1935 and has now been transformed into a comfortable guesthouse establishment.

Surfers are attracted to Mirleft for its favorable surfing conditions. Five of the seven beaches of Mirleft are ideal for surfing. Its most popular beaches are Imin Turga, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah, Gzira, Tamahroucht and Sidi Ifni. Many foreigners have fallen in love with Mirleft and decided to make the town their permanent place of residency, opening small cafés and restaurants for income.

Over and above the beaches, the old military fort, built by the Spanish, is a popular attraction. Activities in Mirleft include paragliding, surfing, trekking and fishing. Visiting Mirleft is an unforgettable experience, as it offers tranquility, wonderful natural surroundings, quaint shops, restaurants and even has workshops where visitors can learn how to prepare traditional Moroccan dishes. There is something for everyone in Mirleft, but most importantly, it is a destination where visitors can truly relax and unwind from their busy daily lives.