A New City Growing in Morocco

As with many countries, Morocco has been working towards finding solutions for their housing problems. As the population has been increasing over the years, there has been a housing shortfall and in 2002, a new trade zone was created in anticipation of the launch of a new project named Al Boughaz. The trade zone has grown to four hundred businesses, creating approximately forty thousand job opportunities. The Al Boughaz project is the construction of a new city that will not only alleviate the housing dilemma but give hope of employment and a new life to many as well as tourism opportunities.

The new city is set to be called Ch’rafate and will be constructed on a 1 300 hectare piece of land that has been allocated for the building of the city. King Mohammed VI of Morocco recently announced the launch of the construction work that is estimated to be completed by the year 2020. An industrial area is also included into the plans, opening the doorway for businesses and industry moguls for new factories and business premises, and providing the new residents of Ch’rafate with jobs.

Located between the cities of Tetuan and Tangiers, the city of Ch’rafate will be conveniently situated and with new roads being provided, it will create an improved road network for this region of Morocco. The massive project will be overseen by Al Omrane Al Boughaz, a well known development company, together with international property developers and national companies for assistance. Tanger-Med Port will be responsible for the housing development and the entire project will cost an estimated $2.9 billion.

A hundred and thirty thousand people will benefit from the thirty thousand housing units and developers have ensured that the buildings and procedures are environmentally friendly and that all technical and geological standards have been met. Not only will residents gain from the industrial area and the housing development, but they will be able to take advantage of the planned tourism zone, green areas and handicrafts complex. The city of Ch’rafate will be a new start for many families, in various different ways. Housing developments in M’diq, Tangier, Fndeq and Tetouan are scheduled to begin in 2020.