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Visit Morocco -- Heaven On Earth [10:25]
Morocco is a wonderful place to enjoy the lifestyle of North Africa. This documentary has a deep view to the core of morocco's heart and the beauty of its landscapes. There is a lot to do in Morocco. Morocco has beach alongside the desert that makes it very attractive to the tourists from the western and eastern countries. The riads and the other expensive hotels are just for keeping the luxury and comfortably for the foreigners. The documentary further explores the food in morocco is also one of a kind. The tasty North African dishes that amuses many tourists. The cuisines that are mostly liked by the tourists are the tajine, subtly flavored stew using lamb and couscous dishes are also much tastier. The wine, beer or the mint tea are just the best beverages for taking them down. The documentary takes us to visit many spas, shopping malls and festivals that could be really good to explore. The horse riding is very interesting; the Arabs do it their own way. The musical shows are also very unique, with Arabian scenery the music blends in. The real peace and luxury of morocco can never be forgotten. The hospitability of the Arabs is really worth taking into consideration. The things in markets are very cheap and they just become cheaper if one bargains for it. The documentary shows the deep desert of Morocco that is very vast and hot. The trips in desert are conducted and people get their chance to enjoy and experience desert life. The documentary unfolds the beauty of ...

Globe Trekker Marrakech and Dubai City Guides with Megan McCormick & KT Comer [49:10]
Located at the north tip of Africa, Morocco is a country of stark desert, high mountain ranges and richly cultured cities. Known as the 'great' desert city of Morocco, Marrakech lies 60 miles from the coast, next to Morocco's towering Atlas Mountain Range. The city itself is a fusion of Africa, Europe and the Islamic world, divided between the Ville Nouvelle, built by the French in the 20th Century and Medina, home to the souk markets and the famous central square, Jemaa el Fna. KT Comer takes a horse drawn carriage to Koutoubia Mosque, which marks the western edge of the old walled city and stays in the Hotel Central Palace. An old riad (townhouse) located in Medina, the hotel offers budget luxury and wonderful views over the city for only $20 a night. The next day she descends on the markets of the souk to sample the thousands of stalls and myriad of handmade goods found there. Spread over a mile, the souk has remained the centre of life in Marrakech since its inception in the twelfth century. The Jemma el Fna is where all the action happens. The centre is filled by a random and changing assortment of snake charmers, storytellers acrobats, clowns, dancers and so on. Add to this the variety of food on offer and you realise just how special the square is - so much so that UNESCO has made it a World Heritage Site. KT then makes it over to the Jewish cemetery in the Mellah, the Jewish quarter, which lies at the south-eastern edge of the Medina. Waves of Jewish settlers ...

Dar Musique [01:17]
Dar Musique 117 Derb Snane Mouassine 40000 Marrakech Medina Morocco Dar Musique, a beautiful and highly individual private house. In the Mouassine area of the medina, close to the Bab El Ksour (Gate of the Palaces) a well known entrance point to the bustling medina. You are a short taxi ride away from Gueeliz, the new town, with its modern shops and restaurants and a ten minute drive from the airport. Recently recommended by Heathrow Traveller Winter 2010 and Sunday Telegraph Life who described Dar Musique as a 'Moroccan Oasis'. (21st November 2010) Dar Musique is recommended in Alastair Sawdays's Special Places to Stay. The riad is featured in the book "Marrakech Living on the edge of the dessert" by Massimo Listri and has been featured in Architectural Digest Magazine. Also recommeded by The Observer Magazine, 'Living the Dream, ten of the best worldwide'. (April 2010) From only a short walk from Djemaa el Fna square, down one of the medina winding alleyways harbours a discreet entrance. Cross the threshold and you will find Dar Musique, a quiet calm haven. It is impossible to believe that the sounds of the hustle and bustle can disappear so completely, especially when the courtyard is open to the sky, With the rooms opening onto an internal courtyard filled with a fountain and palms. There is an open dinning area, and two open sitting rooms on the ground floor, decorated in traditional Moroccan style. There are four elegant airy guest rooms, each decorated in different ...

New Year's Day 2013 by Riad Imourane [07:52]
New Year's Day 2013 by Riad Imourane. The team of Riad Morocco Imourane wish you a Happy New Year 2013. Watch the video of the festival with our artists Gnaouas then pass midnight. Thank you all for the good atmosphere. Come see us for a good time at Riad Imourane. Book now: - - ####FRANCAIS#### La fête du nouvel an 2013 par le Riad imourane. L'équipe du Riad imourane Maroc vous souhaite une bonne année 2013. Regardez la vidéo de la fête avec nos artistes Gnaouas puis le passage de minuit. Merci à tous pour la bonne ambiance. Venez nous voir pour passer de bons moments au Riad imourane. Réservez maintenant : - -

Riad Anyssates Ambiance de nuit [02:43]
Retrouvez cette ambiance pour une fête de famille ou entre amis en priatisant le riad.

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