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Morocco Photo Time lapse [03:30]
20th edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc Finally home from Morocco after 11 Airports, 6 Time Zones, 96 hours sitting on a plane, 7094 photos, and brought back too much sand to count. Team Miller Fisher are finally on home soil as well. What a trip!!! I went to Morocco with Team Miller Fisher to capture beautiful imagery. The colors, smells and people were the reason for going. The Race its self was never something I thought I would focus on yet to my surprise it's what got me to those remote places one would normally never go. I really ended up in the middle of no where, it felt like the race directors just picked the most remote spots on the map and said "let's put a fucking check point there!" This is what makes the race!!! It's as hard as it get's. You have to be real tough or stupid to compete in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. Highlights for me were getting to drive with famous navigator Eric Loizeau in car 199. I was invited by Dominque Serra to take the drivers seat for one day of the event. This was the first time that a men's team competed in the Rallye.
Tags: Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, team miller fisher, morocco

Olive press Traditional berber method *Morocco* 2010 / part 1 [04:48]
People have used olive presses since Greeks first began pressing olives over 5000 years ago.Extant Roman era olive presses survive to the present time, with a notable collection present at Volubilis in Morocco. An olive press works by applying pressure to olive paste to separate the liquid oil and vegetation water from the solid material. The oil and vegetation water are then separated by standard decantation. This basic method is still widely used today, and its still a valid way of producing high quality olive oil if adequate precautions are taken. First the olives are ground into an olive paste using large millstones. The olive paste generally stays under the stones for 30 to 40 minutes. This has three objectives: to guarantee that the olives are well ground to allow enough time for the olive drops to join to form the largest droplets of oil to allow the fruit enzymes to produce some of the oil aromas and taste Rarely, olive oil mills use a modern crushing method with a traditional press. After grinding, the olive paste is spread on fiber disks, which are stacked on top of each other, then placed into the press. Traditionally the disks were made of hemp or coconut fiber, but in modern times theyre made of synthetic fibers which are easier to clean and maintain. These disks are then put on a hydraulic piston, forming a pile. Pressure is applied on the disks, thus compacting the solid phase of the olive paste and percolating the liquid phases (oil and vegetation water ...
Tags: Traditional, berber, method, !!, Olive, press, Morocco, 2010

The berber trail in Morocco 2009 [00:23]
A rather bizarre environment somewhere in the Atlas mountains, walking past berber villages. You wouldn't think anybody lives round here but they do. People are generally very friendly but if they see you taking photos of them or their property they'll chase you for a bit of change. Always have change on you or run fast :)
Tags: Morocco, Maroc, Atlas mountain, berber trail, berber villages, north africa

Morocco Video postcard 0002 [09:50]
Pembrokeshire Rally club, Morocco, Raid, Daniel Esteve, Harm Martin
Tags: Video postcard, Pembrokeshire Rally club, Morocco, Raid, Daniel Esteve, Harm Martin

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