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A view of the busy street below us. [01:38]
These are the sights and sounds of the streets below our 3rd floor apartment in busy Casablanca, Morocco.
Tags: Rue, Abou, Hayane, Attaouhidi, CAS, Casablanca, Morocco, Quadi, Iyas

Rue Quadi Iyas [01:50]
This is our view from our apartment overlooking Rue Quadi Iyas in the Maarif section of Casablanca, Morocco
Tags: Casablanca, Morocco, Rue, Quadi, Kadi, It as, Traffic

Morocco College Trip 2012 - Surfing, Quad biking, Turtles etc. [17:39]
Video showing the highlights from a college trip to Morocco in May 2012. Edited & (mostly) filmed by Luke T.
Tags: Morocco (Country), Surfing (Sport), Sport (Industry), College (School Category), Quad, turtles, sun, Bike, sand, desert, Yamaha, Beach, Road

Explora Surf Shop Essaouira Morocco - Learn with us! [03:15]
See how easy it is to learn how to surf or kite surf with Explora, Morocco´s coolest surf shop located right on the beach in Essaourira.
Tags: surfing, morocco, kite, wind, training, tuition, school, packages, equipment, rental, board, hotel, riad, quad, bike, riding, atv, horse

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