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Mehdia - the Land of Fresh Fish. Morocco Trip. [01:56]
Mehdia is a beautiful coastal town near the city of Kenitra , 30 km north-east of the capital of Morocco Rabat . It is known for its fishing port and of course, fish market! You can get the freshest most beautiful fish in this market: sardines, whiting, shrimp, prawns, squid, crab, sole,...they have it all! Outside the market, there are people specialized in cooking the fish you just bought. They can prepare it for you anyway you want: grilled, fried, or even in a tagine! I love grilled fish! and all you have to do is put some salt on it and grill it... it is so fresh that no other spices are needed! ohhhh yum... Mehdia is one of those places that will make your heart beat. It will remind you of slowing down, taking a moment, and simply enjoying the view...

My awesome haircut in Morocco [06:55]
So this is a video of my haircut and shave in the countryside in Morocco. In the bigger cities they are completely different, and a lot more expensive, but I got myself a haircut with an amazing, nice barber in a small village close to where I was staying. The video contains the journey to him, some clips from the haircut, and the before/after. I played it cautious and only got a little hair cut off, mostly due to the fact that the guy ahead of me wanted all his hair shaved off, so that's why there wasn't that much hair taken off. Thank you to the barber, Moneim and Hamza for helping me with this video!!! :) Disclaimer* So, in the countryside in August the weather is really hot in Morocco, which is why I seem out of it for some of the video. The heat was getting to me, lol. Plus, outside of the city there is not a lot of air conditioning so yea... Also, looking at the video again, the way the barber gets into my hair reminds me of an artist at work, he was really cool!

A in Morocco [03:00]
Postcard from Morocco where no-one can be fully trusted, where mint tea tastes the best, where the power of religion overwhelms, where 39 degrees make you feel like in hell, where you can easily get lost, where anyone speaks a different language, where merchants pester you until finally buying something, where camel-ride reminds you that you are in Africa, where the evening breeze calm you down, where anything can happen...
Tags: A, in, Morocco

Tahir Shah's Favourite Objects [02:44]
I love stuff that reminds me of places. This is a quick tour through some of the things in my library, including: a diving helmet, a Moroccan water seller's bag, a voodoo doll with chicken bone legs, termite incense, Burmese lacquer boxes, my grandmother's rubbish bin made from a drum, the desk I found in a Casablanca junk yard, a Spanish calvary uniform from the same junk yard, a photo of my great grandfather, and bird handled daggers from Jaipur.
Tags: Tahir Shah, Dar Khalifa, Casablanca, Morocco, diving helmet, Moroccan water seller, voodoo doll, Burmese lacquer boxes, Spanish calvary uniform

Fez Tanneries from above [00:04]
A medieval site that settled in Fez in the 8th century.Tanning and its process in its original form, more or less. A wonder for the senses as well and the mind. Soon to be modified due to pollution reasons, this site is a must on a visit to Fez.
Tags: fez tanneries, chaoara fes, fes leather, fez leather, chaora fez, medina de fez, Morocco

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