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Essaouira, Morocco Beach Soccer [00:22]
Football on the beach in Essaouira... futbol en la plage
Tags: futbol, beach football, beach soccer, morocco, essaouira, plage

Medina Maze In Medievil Imperial City - Fes, Morocco (the guide map morroco bazar) [02:37]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Fes, Morocco by TravelPod blogger Inoursuitcase. See this TripWow and more at Medina Maze In Medievil Imperial City "Merete and us took a CTM airconditioned bus the four hours from Chaouen to the largest living Islamic medievil city in the world, Fes. The bus air con didnt really do the trick, it is just too hot here and last month it was even hotter than this.The landscape was brown, dry and sandy, well, desert-like but i did see a lake or an oasis. Before we had left the bus terminal in Fes a guide and some young touts had already hit us up to do a tour with him the following day. These guys who speak some English charge very little but take you to see some sights and to some shops where they get commissions. We had arrived at a good time, about an hour before the Moroccans broke their Ramadan fast for the day which meant there was a buzz in the air and food carts and vendors were competing for space to sell food to everybody in the city. Despite young guides who were trying to get us to go to their hotels telling us our choice in hotel was bad, we checked into the Hotel Cascade which is a long-standing backpackers favourite and located right amongst the action. We opted for the roof terrace top sleeping arrangement again and were given some mattresses. The rooftop positon is good because you can "see all the shooting stars and make some wishes" promised Abdul. It is also cheap and has wonderful ...
Tags: the guide map morroco bazar, medievil colouring in, desert scams morocco fes, abdul, english football jnan palace, fes morocco, morocco maze medina, old elaborate moroccan, doorways, blue gate hustlers fes, morocco, the imperial cities of, morocco in 9 da

maroc wama [01:06]
maroc football italy wama morocco world cup challenge choha
Tags: maroc, morocco, italy, world, cup, football

Mountain football [01:24]
Poland-Morocco mountain football match. At attitude obout 2500m asl near Tacheddirt village.
Tags: Morocco, Atlas mountains, trekking, backpackers, travelling, sport, football

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