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Working Holiday in Canada [02:33]
Canada is renowned for its unforgettable winter seasons. Deep powder, thriving nightlife, untracked terrain and breathtaking scenery. KILROY and The Working ...

Freewheeling down Ait Mansour in Morocco [08:44]
I remember standing on my pedals freewheeling down the gorge at Ait Mansour from Trafroute on the Atlas Descent Bike Trip. The sun was climbing into the sky, but there was still just enough contrast in the morning light to allow us to pickout the abandoned Berber village perched on the cliff at the head of the valley. The sound of our tyres crunching over the gravel echoed more and more as we descended and the sheer sides of the gorge rose around us. It is a cycle I could take a thousand times and never be bored. Submitted by: Shane Diffily

SuSurf do Morocco 2012 [04:41]
22 Southampton Surfers decided that the English weather and surf wasn't quite good enough in December, so we took a little trip to Morocco to top up our tans, catch some nice waves and generally enjoy seeing sunshine and blue skies over Christmas. Thanks to all involved who made it an awesome trip!

This dreamy place with its first impression very much unlike anything else in Morocco is full of promise and unfulfilled potential. Its rich history, only in part recalled, remains forgotten but still lingers in the air. In 1476 the Spanish took over the fort built by merchants from the Canary Islands and named Santa Cruz de la Mer Pequena. It served as a secure base for slave expeditions. In 1524 it was swept away by the Saadian dynasty. Its ruins were chosen by a Scotsman called George Glas as a trading post in 1764. The present town was built by the Spanish during their second stay in Santa Cruz from 1934 to 1969. Today the authorities are doing a great deal to renovate and revitalize the town extending the port facilities improving the road infrastructure and trying to attract more tourism. If you visit once you are likely to return time and time again. It is a few hours drive from Agadir and it has several inexpensive but reasonable hotels. Cost of living is much lower than in Agadir and there is so much to see on the way to Guelmim as well as the wondrous Legzira beach. It is ideal for surfing and paragliding and you can feast yourself on freshly caught fish which you can buy at the market and have grilled for a few dirhams at the nearby BBQ stalls.

Voyage au Maroc [Parkour] [11:09]
EDIT: I realized that the end of the original video could be misinterpreted, so I edited it. It's basically the same until the very end. J'ai réalisé que la fin de la vidéo pouvait être mal interprétée, je l'ai donc modifiée. A part ça, rien de change. ___________________ This video is kind of a feedback of my trip to Morocco with my Franco-Moroccan friend Fahed (Savoie Parkour Family, and btw I'm David from the AGP - Association Grenobloise de Parkour, nice to meet you). During the first week we practiced parkour as often as the sweltering heat and our overtiredness allowed, in the towns of Agadir, Essaouira, Marrakech and Rabat. There I hurt my wrist, and then decided to do my usual thing - that is to say, wandering around randomly alone in the outdoors, sleeping outside, dying of starvation, hitchhiking AND meeting wonderful people. So thanks to Fahed, to all the people I met, to my sister who lent me her computer, to the AGP, to my traceurs friends, to my non-traceurs friends, to my whole family, to God whom I like very much, to my very useful sleeping bag, to the airport security team and to the dog I might have (or maybe not) in a few years. Editing a video was much more difficult than I thought it would be, and there are still troubles such as encoding problems, but I hope you will grasp the atmosphere of the trip! :) _________________________________________________________ Cette vidéo est une sorte de retour sur le voyage que j'ai fait au Maroc avec mon pote ...
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