Al Hoceima Morocco - Tala Youssef beach magic

Morocco, jewel of the Mediterranean.. deserted Tala Youssef black sand beach during Ramadan.. very different feel to it compared to the start of my vacation, before Ramadan.. finally able to wear my bikini without feeling ackward while watching local women swim in their clothes.. the emancipation of women has not yet started in Morocco when talking beaches.. but who am I to say anything about it, aqs long as it´s their choice, and not their husbands´.. my cell phone sometimes stops recording itself so the recording suddenly stops.. need to get a proper camera asap.. CU keep returning


Tags: Al, Hoceima, maroc, marokko, morocco, amazigh, berber, Abdelkrim, guerra, del, rif, northern, africa, meditteranean, bed, breakfast, stoneandeddie, echoessubmarine


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