Majorelle Musuem - Relaxing and Bird Watching in the Gardens

Art lovers simply have to spend time at the Majorelle Museum if they are planning a visit to Marrakech. This delightful museum is situated in a brilliant garden and every aspect of the grounds on which the museum stands seems to be a visionary tribute to color and light. The museum is named for the artist Jacque Majorelle who originally owned and developed the Majorelle Gardens. Both the gardens and the museum are a fitting dedication to this inspirational artist.

Jacque Majorelle was born in Nancy, France, in 1886. His entire family was artistic and his father was a celebrated cabinet maker at the time. With the encouragement and backing of his father and friends, Majorelle was able to further his interest in art, finally studying Fine Art in both Nancy and at the Julian Paris Academy. His early inspiration was Brittany and so it wasn’t long before he set off for Spain. In Spain, he discovered a passion for the South and before long his travels took him to Morocco where art and culture are a beautiful mixture of passion and flair. In 1919 he made the decision to settle in Marrakech so that he could continue to be inspired by the vibrant colors and facets of life that surrounded him. It was here that he bought a large piece of ground with the idea of turning it into a public garden that could be enjoyed by all. His vision became a success in 1947 when he was able to open the gates of his garden to the public. Much of the garden was designed on the architectural grace and simplicity that he saw in Marrakech's palaces. It placed strong emphasis on water and vegetation and this was further complimented by the ‘Blue Workshop’, which was designed by the architect Paul Sinoir in 1931. Today it is the ‘Blue Workshop’ that houses the Islamic art museum, better known as the ‘Majorelle Museum’.

Unfortunately, Majorelle wasn’t able to enjoy his creation for too long since he was forced to return to France after being badly injured in a car accident. Majorelle died in France in 1962 at the reasonably old age of 76. Sometime later, in 1980, Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent saw fit to purchase the garden and restore it. They have done an excellent job and today visitors are able to relax in the gardens and enjoy a spot of bird watching. They can also visit the Majorelle museum in Morocco and view a fine collection of Islamic art in this beautifully artistic building and surrounding garden. So visit the Majorelle Museum and Gardens and discover a place where art and nature merge.



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