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Morocco; Black Magic spells for Marriage!

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Old 10th April 2006, 13:19
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Originally Posted by MeZiAnE
I agree with freemocy on this one, Quran and salat are the only things that can protect you, also reciting ayet el kursi frequently can protect.

Sudanese are also masters in black magic, it isn't just magherba!

A friend of mine is married to a Saudi guy, when her family went over to Saudi for 3umra, some Saudi women asked them where they where from, my friend said she was Morccan, the Saudi women QUICKLY moved away!!

i know what u mean...ppl there think this way of us, i know a friend who used to correspond wit a palestinian guy in the US, he liked her just cuz he sometimes used to write to her in english she came to me translate for..he seemed serious in the wya he thought of their relationship n was planning to fly here to marry her, she even was a nice bent daroum girl.. u know

so after awhile when things start get in schedule n he was about to book a flight here...he prbbly told his family home about this n he wants to marry a girl her he knows in Morocco, ..after awhile he didn't write more or chatted not even sent emails.. till once i had to translate an email wher he said his family think that this marriage is not supposed to happen n that his friends (arabs) told him she might hve done a spell to make him marry her n this is way all mgharba girls are..devils!!! shockin i know this is rude...i know it happens lots places in morocco and even else places, i think gov should put strict laws against fqih who do the spell, n charge them years in prison as a least punishments...this can be avoided with Education..but seems tha some even eduacted french talkers r still putting themselves down for this stupid things...so the two things to stop it all is Education + ta9wa ( belief)

thre is a guy here they say (not sure) a girl who liked him n he didn't care about her, done some spell against him now we know he's not ok like he 's isolated n keeps doing insane things.. so why woulds some one ruin other's life for stupid reason he didn't pay attention to her or said no when she asked him out or even dumped her.
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Old 10th April 2006, 13:22
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I know.
I cant belive people still go to the fqi's to put spells on people, its horrifying. But when i'm in Morocco, i really do keep a close eye on my things!
Im sorry about ur friend.
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Old 10th April 2006, 13:49
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Those evil deeds are usually circumscribed to non-faithful people who are away from the teachings of Islam.If they are aware of what they are doing ; they wouldnt do it.And even those who are conscious of the witchcraft ; find themselves weak against it ; at least what they have got in mind is to fulfil their callous deeds at any price even at the expense of others.Satan is the main evil-doer ; defeatin him by the Quran and Du'aa is the best solution.

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