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Malik 8th July 2005 00:27

Anyone got good quotes of people who make Shakespear look like a good writer? post 'em up!

I shall set it off.

"The Picture of the Arab woman is very beautiful. Maybe she is [so-and-so] but now the camels are gone. You should have left one of them there too.I would like to have an interesting post"

Malik 13th July 2005 07:55

"Not only him but all the rich blacks as well, if these men were save they could have done more for their people."

-quote from an Evangelical on recruiting new Christians

WitchQueen 13th July 2005 17:42

Arab Woman
I like to clear this up. First of all the picture of the vampires was posted on my thread and some of the other threads.

Then there was a posting of the Moroccan poster with the camels. I like to see animals. I think they are interesting. Touch them not really but see them yes.

Then the Fierce Warrior was posted along with the Rotating Globe and the Jewel. I liked that. This artwork is deleted.

All the Moroccan posters were deleted and the Arab Woman was posted. She is very pretty. I don't know who posted her and I do not really know if she is truly Arab or a Mexican woman in Arabic clothing.

Steve's print smacks of Nazism so I am not interested in that. He is kind of vulgar.

Sometimes I don't write perfectly clear. Please excuse.

WitchQueen 16th July 2005 16:06

I changed my mind, I like the camels I would pat them, horses are good, sheep and goats, I would pat them and I like to see cats, they are interesting. Snakes and bugs can stay away.

WitchQueen 23rd July 2005 16:29

I only know "To be or not to be, that is the question."

Adonis, you are probably a "Time Traveler", too. Bravo to Shakespeare.

MythicalRose alias

WitchQueen 25th July 2005 15:56

The Warlock
The story of the WitchQueen, Ishtar puts her with the Warrior King. He could be a Warlock. The planet is Xanthia, the most beautiful planet in the Universe. The WitchQueen and the Warrior King both have magical powers. The King has an army of warriors. The Queen has a black Crescent Moon and a Star on her right side of her face. She has dark reddish brown hair with braids. I do not have a name for the King yet.

Nice to meet you. I suspected you were mythical.

WitchQueen alias

WitchQueen 26th July 2005 15:50

You are truly eloquent I must say. I do not remember what you are the god of.

Perhaps you have played Shakespeare somewhere or some other kind of classic.

Soul shattering!

The WitchQueen of Xanthia

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