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HOW TO DO MAKEUP for the eyes! arab style....ha

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Old 23rd March 2005, 21:51
maryssa maryssa is offline
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what's up, everyone ?

i'm looking for some tips on applying make up to the eyes *arab style* or at least marocaine style , haha.

the big eyes are typically of us, right ? well, how can i wear my makeup in such a way that will really flatter the eyes ? is there some traditional style that is used to bring attention to the eyes ? or is there technique with mascara or something that can do this ? ladies, how do YOU youre eye makeup to show of those pretty eyes ?

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Old 24th March 2005, 10:49
Ghazala Ghazala is offline
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Nadia is best to advise you on this - she does her with kohl in a very Arabian beauty kinda way Nadia where are yooooooohoooooooo?!

Are your eyes big btw? Cos' if they're not, allow the kohl. No matter what anyone says, kohl doesnt make small eyes bigger
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Old 24th March 2005, 11:11
HOUDA-K HOUDA-K is offline
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I love the whole Smoky Cat Eye look.

I think the most influential look in black, but to achieve a more un ~ fussy look then I suggest light grey, burgundy or dark khakis instead.

But this really does on your skin tone and hair colour, I think you should experiment first on a few different tones to see which suits you best.

Must have eye concealer first
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Old 24th March 2005, 15:38
moroccanchica moroccanchica is offline
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Wink Kohl actually does make eyes look bigger...

But eyeliner is probably the most important element to arabian eyes! there are three kinds you can pull off any sort of look. Liquid eyeliner gives a very black line which won't smudge or bleed when dry - but you must be VERY careful when putting it on (if you make a mistake, let it dry and wipe it off with a bit of tissue.) It is best for rimming the upper eyelid or defining corners. Using it on the lower lid is not a good idea, as it is harder to apply and gives an abrupt and very unnatural looking line.

On the subject on Kohl, it does a nice job on both the upper and lower eyelids as it can be smudged and blended and gives a very black line, but should you touch your eyes or burst into tears mid-day, you will end up looking like a clown! It enhances your eyes well.

Regular eyeliner gives a nice, smudgeable line, goes on smoothly, and isn’t as prone to accidents as kohl. The colour isn’t as vivid, but you can use lighter shades, i.e slate colours, in place of eyeshadows. Dont use a dark shadow with excessive amount of kohl/eyeliner. The tips for smokey eyes is to actually use a light shade for the corner of the eye and a darker shade for the shadow. With this, always use subtle tones for blusher and lip colour...anything bright will clash with your eyes, and less is more

Arabian eyes are gorgeous, and whatever shape eyes you have, kohl is most welcome.

Whenever God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window ~ The sound of music

~Chica~ Caretaker of *the (thee)* blue shirt
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Old 24th March 2005, 16:41
maryssa maryssa is offline
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ah okay

yes, i have big eyes and dark eyebrows..and sometimes, when i do apply liquid eyeliner ( which i probably do in the most mediocre way possible)...i'm concerned that between the dark eyebrows and "dark" eyes, my "look" will be too stony...but i will try all of these ! shukran
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Old 24th March 2005, 20:44
Ghazala Ghazala is offline
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Thumbs up Easy on big eyes

Oh & remember, less is more. Don't go too nuts or you will too severe or worse - a clown

Don't forget to let us know how it looks
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Old 26th March 2005, 21:59
hbiba85 hbiba85 is offline
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Liquid eyeliners are ok but more often then not people apply it incorrectly and look awful.
My darling sis treated me to a clinique cream eye liner yesterday and it is amazing.
It goes on really well and has a subtle sparkle which gives it that extra kick.
For people with smaller long eyes it is better to use more of the liner under the centre of the eye, on the lower lid, with the line thinner at the corner of your eye (next to your ear) and practically invisible at the corner next to your nose. This makes the eyes look dramatic and bigger whilst emphasising the length of the eye.
If you have bigger eyes then you need to focus more on the corners of your eyes (nearest to the ear). This invloves the line starting 3 quarters of the way along and flicking off at the end. If too much is used then the eye appears far 2 round and makes you look dazed.
Always make sure the liner is applied close to the rim of your eye because if 2 much space is left it will appear that you have a yellow rim aorund your eye.
Allow the upper lid. Completely unecessary.
With eyeshadows- If you are tanned then forget yellows and oranges. It clashes and make you look ill. Use browns and greys to give you eyes more colour. For whiter skin choose pastel colours such as green and rosy colours. Darker colours can be too harsh and make you appear scary.
Lots of eyeliner is a huge no no!
With mascara it is best to apply 2 coats and make sure there are no gloopy bits. Use it in the corner of your eye as well to make them look longer and also on lower lashes to make eyes dramatic. Not too much ofcourse!
Hope you took all that in!
Being subtle is def the way to go. People with too much liner and mascara look weird.
Follow my guidelines cus i always get compliments on my make up

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