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Old 26th February 2011, 14:42
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Could someone explain Berbers, their culture and history?
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Old 28th February 2011, 22:32
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Found this for you Witchqueen.

The Berbers

The Berbers lived in north Africa long before the arrival of the Arabs, and their culture probably dates back more than 4,000 years. Berber states known as Mauritania and Numidia existed in classical times.

Between the 11th and 13th centuries, two great Berber dynasties – the Almoravids and the Almohads – controlled large parts of Spain, as well as north-west Africa.

Today, there are substantial Berber populations in Morocco and Algeria, plus smaller numbers in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. In Morocco, about 40% acknowledge a Berber identity, though many more have Berber ancestry.

Berbers are identified primarily by language but also by traditional customs and culture – such as the distinctive music and dances.

There is a tendency in Morocco to regard the Berbers as backward, partly because their culture is strongest in the less-developed rural areas. Many of the children in these regions drop out of school because they are taught in what, to them, is a foreign language - Arabic. The language barrier often remains a problem throughout adult life, especially when dealing with officialdom.

Berber is not officially recognised in Morocco, though French (the old colonial language) is. There was some pressure in 1996, when the constitution was being revised, to have Berber recognised. For more about this see the Berber manifesto.

In January 2010 Morocco established its first Amazigh TV channel, broadcasting in the Tachelhit, Tarifit and Tamazight dialects.

Linguistically, Berber belongs to the Afro-Asiatic group, and has many dialects. The three main dialects used in Morocco are Tachelhit, Tamazight and Tarifit. Collectively, they are known as "shilha" in Arabic.

Tachelhit (sometimes known as "soussi" or "cleuh") is spoken in south-west Morocco, in an area between Ifni in the south, Agadir in the north and Marrakech and the Draa/Sous valleys in the east.

Tamazight is spoken in the Middle Atlas, between Taza, Khemisset, Azilal and Errachidia.

Tarifit (or Rifia) is spoken in the Rif area of northern Morocco.

Berber is basically a spoken language, though there have been (and still are) attempts to gain acceptance for a written form. A Berber alphabet, probably derived from the ancient Punic script, has existed for around 2,500 years.
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Old 1st March 2011, 13:30
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Thank you for the information Arwen.
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Old 29th May 2011, 14:18
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I was 13 when they told me I'm a berber XD. Never heard the word before. Most Moroccan in Holland are berber.
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Old 22nd June 2011, 13:30
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Hi Jihane. My name is Lynette . I am Afrikaans speaking my language is the youngest in the world . (I speak baby Nederlands = Afrikaans)
i am married to a berber man. Berber poeple are the oldest surviving culture in the world. that also means that the language is the oldest which are still spoken today, ofcourse
Arwen is right. there are bad people every where in all cultures. maybe the criminals you refer to is just normal poeple who had no other choice than to walk on the wrong side of the law. maybe they went to Holland with great expectations to get a normal job and it didnt happen for them. What I am trying to say is that the berber poeple in my country are EXTREMELY hard working poeple, they work for a middle class salary yet most of them open their own shops with in 2 - 4 years after entering my country. they are highly intellegent, great family people and great fathers. they do have a temper(like everyone else) BUT they are more kind than unpleasant. they dont like it when women drink or smoke at all.
they also have a great respect for their whole family.
i believe that poeple can missunderstand Berber poeple easily because of the cultural difference. the MOST important to remember when communicating with berber poeple is : dont be to personal, they also dont like to interfere with other poeple and their personal business. They dispize gossip and they dislike to much facial expressions. where my culture will lift an eyebrow to express a ooh-la-la or a dislike in something - they can dissaprove of it. The berber men will literally tell you - why do you speak with your eyes or face. ( in three years I only met one berber lady and all i can say is FEMENIN and beautifull)
i wish Berber poeple around the world would lift up their chin and say wth pride I AM BERBER.
the berber poeple also prefere the word Imazighn which means Free poeple.
i have three boys. two have BERBER names and Vava (Pappa) is very proud to name them in old traditional berber names. i've been studing the berber culture for three years now. Your origin is something to be very proud of.

i hope you will find comfort in my message.
JUST BE PROUD, it is worth your while

Groete (greetings)
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