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Mikila and Ishtar.

Greetings to everyone here. This is Gloria. I have been working on the story of Ahmed and Ishtar again but I have changed some things. Ahmed is not in it now. It is Mikial and Ishtar. I have been editing things and making it better. Some of the cards with the story and things about my family I left in the rack at the back of Saint John's Catholic church. I want all of the things I left there back. They did not care about any of us and I have left/ I told my friends I play pool with I am sticking with the Muslims and I do not want the Catholics. Robert plays pool there and he is really nice and I like him a lot. I have been telling him and the others about the story. Robert is Mikial and I am Ishtar I have not forgotten everyone here or about the story of the afterlife. Ishtar Mikilai . controls the forces of Nature, the Galaxies, and planets and the Universe. Hi to Malaka and Razrif. Hope everyone are okay We have really bad people here bothering us about everything. Those scum girls are just fleas and roaches as far as I am concerned and they just disappear and do not come back. WitchQueen
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