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New Rooms/More About the Children

I decided that it is not a good idea to have the girls live in one of the side Palaces. Instead they will continue to live in the Main Palace till they are married. They will always have their room at the Palace. The boys, when they are older will live in the right side Palace. Then they will have their own rooms and more privacy. The left side Palace will be part of the Hotel and be a guest Palace. The side Palaces have an in the ground pool. The guest Palace the pool is in the back yard. The boys Palace, the pool is located on the left side of the Palace on the other side of the wall. There is a side gate to get in the pool area. There is a wall around the pool.
When it rains guests can call for the golf cart. The driver of the golf cart will have an umbrells and get the guests at the door and walk them to the cart and take them where they want to go.
There will not be a Moroccan Motif in the center square of the Mosque room. The sqaure will be planked like the ceiling.
We will keep the bird and flower figurines in the lower level Sitting Room. They are on the TV Unit.
This means the Tinesian and Lybian boys will have one of the marquee display case in the boy's pool hall. They each will have one of the display cases to post things from their country.
There will be a painting of some famous Algerian site hanging on the wall above the sofa in the left side TV Sitting room of the girl's wing.
There will be a replica of the Taj Mahal on the credenza outside the girl's wing bathroom at the back corridor. Legos has a kit to build the Taj Mahal. I saw it and it is nice. That will be for the Algerian and Indian girls.
There are 3 guest rooms in the right side wing. One is the first room on the left side and the other two are the first 2 rooms on the right side.
There are rectangle mirrors in the side bathrooms. They have shiny brass frames. They are like the mirrors in the Meeting House and the Exercise Houses. In the side wing bathrooms there is an outlet to the side of the mirrors. The outlet is to the left of the 1st bathroom mirror and to the right of the 2nd bathroom mirrors. The outlets are above the ceramic wall tiles. They have off white plugs and shiny brass metal plate covers
The side bathrooms are 6 feet wide x 5 feet from front to back.
The new bedrooms are the 1st beach side and the end bedroom each side. They are exactly the same as the center bedrooms. They have 6 inch extension into the walk around corridor. Past the 1st bedrooms there is a large flower pot and plant. Also before the end bedrooms. They match with the other flower pots and plants in the corridors.
There is a 6 feet long brown stained Mosque Bench across from each of the side bathroom corridors.
The center and end bedrooms have dark maroon vinyl wallpaper on the upper walls.
In the 1st rooms each side there are one boy in each room. The second 2 bedrooms each side have 1 girl in each bedroom. The center rooms have adults. One side the next room is empty and used if needed. The next room has girls on one side and adults on the end bedroom. The other side has 1 girl in each of the next 2 rooms. The end bedroom on that side is empty. No one has that room. There are children in the back bedrooms.
The Indian girl is a girl teen. The Algerian and Palestian girls are 5 years old. Amarra, Neeta, Maboto and Abdul are 3 years old. If we really did this rooms may be changed.
This is the Palaces, the other buildings, the Moroccan and Me and the children. Hope you like the story.
Hope no one goes to the cemetary for a long time.
Now I will be reading the story on Saturday and Monday mornings and when I can
"Best Wishes, WitchQueen"
What can you do to compare to the Rain?
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