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I'm done,
We're through.
I'm never talking to you again,
I can't keep holding onto you.

Our love has been gone for a while now,
I was just too blind to see
that I wanted you,
But you didn't want me.
I kept texting you,
I couldn't leave you alone.
I always called you,
But couldn't talk, just hung up the phone.
Even though you didn't care,
And you always lied,
I can honestly say,
that I'm glad you made me cry.
Even though it broke me,
And always made me hurt,
At least I know now,
What I truely deserve.
You can say you want me
And you can do what you please
But don't forget all of what we had,
Remember only the good memories.
'Cause I want it to be gone,
But a part of me wants you here.
I'm writing this from the heart,
And I'm making it sincere.
I truely did love you,
And I thought you felt the same.
But you're stuck with a kid's heart,
So nothing sticks, it just slips away.
I've said it once,
And I'll say it again 1 more time,
Baby I love you,
But that's the last time.
On some real sh*t,
I always tell you how I feel,
I always cry for you,
So you know I'm keeping it real.
The least you could do,
is text me back.
Instead of ignoring me,
And making me mad.
God D*mn just be a man,
Listen to me for a minute.
So I can explain to you my love,
So that maybe you'll understand it.
If you could take the time,
To look into my eyes,
Instead of looking at my body,
You'd find a person, a woman,
When I look at you,
I see the man of my dreams,
The love of my life,
My everything.
I know you aren't the one,
That I should want to spend my life with,
And that you're not the man I need.
So why do I long for you,
And why can't I breathe?
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