Camel Festival - Guelmim Es Semara, Goulimine

Festivals - Guelmim Es Semara - Goulimine

When: Tuesday, 01 July 2008
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Where: Tan Tan Road, Goulimine, Guelmim Es Semara


The Camel Festival celebrates camels, as well as bringing awareness to their use in transportation while modern methods of transportation are slowly breaking down the tradition of breeding and trading of these great giants of the desert for more profitable alternatives.

It’s here in Goulimine, Morocco, once known as the ‘gateway to the Sahara’, that the annual Camel Festival is hosted, providing a wonderful array of events for both locals and visitors alike.

An unforgettable ritual occurs during this time commonly known as ‘Guedra’. The dance is specifically performed by women and is performed to the dances namesake the ‘guedra’ or kitchen pot, while the support of visitors and their enthusiastic chanting and clapping make for an exciting even. Performers often find themselves in a hypnotic state and this is viewed as submission to god as well as blessing.

The Camel Festival of Goulimine takes place throughout July.



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