Weather in Morocco

As far as the weather goes, it will be better to visit the south and the desert routes outside midsummer when, for the most of the day, it's far too hot for casual exploration - especially if you're dependant on public transport.

But July and August, the hottest months, can be wonderful on the coast. The mountains have a higher elevation and so there are no set rules regarding temperature.

Spring, which comes late by European standards (around April to May), is perhaps the best overall time to visit. During this time Morocco experiences a warm summer climate in the south and in the mountains as well as on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. Winter can be perfect by day in the south, though be warned that the nights are extremely cold.

Average temperature in Morocco
Jan April July Oct
Agadir 21°c / 7°c 24°c / 13°c 27°c / 18°c 26°c / 15°c
Casablanca 17°c / 7°c 21°c / 11°c 26°c / 18°c 24°c / 14°c
Dakhla 26°c / 12°c 27°c / 14°c 27°c / 18°c 30°c / 16°c
Er Rachidia 17°c / 1°c 25°c / 8°c 38°c / 20°c 27°c / 12°c
Fez 16°c / 4°c 23°c / 9°c 36°c / 18°c 25°c / 13°c
Marrakesh 18°c / 4°c 26°c / 11°c 38°c / 19°c 28°c / 14°c
Tangier 16°c / 8°c 18°c / 11°c 27°c / 18°c 22°c / 15°c
Legend: Daily Max Temp / Min Temp



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Paulo Pinto - 2011-06-01 22:27:06

hi I'm now starting to think about my next holidays and Saidia looks like a nice place to spend it! Is it possible to know the maximum temperatures in end of July beginning of August in Saidia? Thanks a lot!

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Majid - 2011-04-08 00:30:46

@ JD, Hi, u better change ur pound in morocco through banks as they give good rate,for the moments £1=13.20dh which is very good,but if here in Uk u probably get like 7 dh, good luck ad enjoy ur time in there,as i'm sure u'll love it.

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jd - 2011-04-04 23:58:13

Hi I just wanted to know where is the best place to exchange pounds to dirhams in uk and how much spending money would you need for 1 week in agadir. Thanks

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