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Porta Moda Marrakech Project

There is great excitement in regard to a new project that has recently been launched in Morocco by the Abu Dhabi Investment House. The project is known as Porta Moda Marrakech and will breathe new life into Marrakech and into the tourism industry. Porta Moda Marrakech will be one of many Porta Modas to be constructed in Asia and Africa and will open a new way of traveling for tourists. It is to be located approximately seven kilometers from the Marrakech airport, giving the infrastructure and economy of this region a boost and will cost an estimated investment of $400 million.

Porta Moda Marrakech will be constructed in two parts. In the down town area of Porta Moda Marrakech, leading international retail shops will be built including spectacular apartments and residential complexes. On the other end of the project there will be brand name stores and exclusive boutiques, top name jewelry stores, villas, spas, restaurants, a five star hotel, cafés, studios and houses. In the educational sector of Porta Moda Marrakech, Morocco can look forward to exhibition centers, educational facilities and museums. There will also be a clinic and a sports centre that will host golf, equestrian disciplines, swimming and tennis, to name a few. Porta Moda Marrakech will almost be a small city on its own.

The design of every aspect of Porta Moda Marrakech is focused on the culture of Morocco and, therefore, much local input has been requested during the creative process. Throughout the construction period, and after, it is estimated that approximately eight thousand employment opportunities will be created and it is expected that various phases of the project will take between three to four years to complete. Similar projects will be undertaken by Abu Dhabi Investment House in India, Tunisia and Qatar.

If the construction of Porta Moda Marrakech remains on schedule, it won’t be long before the local public and visitors to Morocco can indulge in shopping at stores such as Neiman Marcus, Christian Dior, Louis Vouitton and Ralph Lauren. This ambitious project will bring luxury, international fashion and progress to Morocco. It will become a new attraction and lure to international travelers. Porta Moda Marrakech is set to become one of the most unique and creative projects launched in recent times.



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