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Enjoy Exploring Corniche d’Ain Diab

Casablanca is a city in Morocco with a rich and mysterious history. Its name alone conjures up romantic images. As is the case with many cities around the world, there is a district in Casablanca where the rich come out to play and the tourists line the streets enjoying the attractions and activities. Corniche d’Ain Diab is blanketed in picturesque ocean scenes, bustling streets, luxury hotels and resorts, and a vibrant energy of grandeur and style.

A good starting place to explore Corniche d’Ain Diab, is the Mosque Hassan II. With so many activities waiting to be discovered, it is best to start at one end and work through the streets a little at a time. The El-Hank Lighthouse was constructed in 1916 by the French, as the seas surrounding Casablanca were notoriously known for unpleasant shipping conditions and violent waves. The unruly waves are still there, and the lighthouse now stands as a reminder of the past. Not far from the lighthouse, visitors will find pristine beaches, cozy cafés and sparkling swimming pools.

Another well known sight in Corniche d’Ain Diab is the Fondation Saoudienne Ibn Seoud, which was constructed in 1985. It is an institution of higher education and is home to one of the most modern and spectacular libraries in Africa. The Marabout (meaning religious tomb) of Sidi Abderrahman is seen as a place of pilgrimage and of healing for the Muslim community. Devoted ill and physically disabled believers, make their way to the tombs each year to bathe in the water in search of healing.

Furthermore, visitors can look forward to attractions such as the Sinbad Amusement Park, the Ain Diab Resort, Boulevard de La Corniche and the residential suburb of Anfa. There are many restaurants scattered throughout Corniche d’Ain Diab, such as La Reserve and La Cabestan, which are two very popular restaurants. Some of the restaurants have been operating here for more than seventy five years, cultivating the art of food preparation with such perfection that each dish can be considered a masterpiece. Discovering the beauty and unique culture of Corniche d’Ain Diab adds to the already spectacular charm of Morocco. It is a recommended destination that is waiting to be enjoyed.



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