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Discover Moroccan Film Culture at Cinematheque de Tanger

Started in 2006, Cinematheque de Tanger is a non-profit organization located in the Moroccan city of Tangier, where its organizers aim to provide the public with top quality programs representing the multi-faceted diversity of film production, beyond the scope of films released in commercial Moroccan theaters. By promoting world cinema in Morocco, and Moroccan cinema to the world, Cinematheque de Tanger (CdT) hopes to develop film culture in Morocco, acting as a platform for cross-cultural dialogue and exchange of ideas. The organization is creating a film archive representing all genres of film, including documentaries, video art and experimental films, as well as hosting workshops for filmmakers and educational activities for children.

The Cinematheque de Tanger's primary reason for the archive is preserve and distribute Arabic and Maghrebi film and video, while making the material available to as wide an audience as possible. The archive includes both contemporary and classic features, documentaries, short films and artist videos, with categories for experimental and amateur cinema. The collection can be viewed on site at the CdT, located in the former premises of Cinema Rif, Grand Socco, Tangier, where regular programs feature selected items.

In order to provide a wide range of cinematic works, the organization welcomes private and institutional donations, requesting that artists, producers, distributors and film associations submit their film footage to be scanned for preservation on a secure digital server. Colonial footage and old super 8 tapes from Arabic countries are also of interest. CdT points out that submission of works for filing in their archives implies the transfer of non-commercial distribution rights as set out by the CdT.

Children's programs include screening of a wide range of film genres including animation, documentaries, ethnographic films and world cinema, with the objective of education young audiences on the various aspects of movies. On the first Sunday of every month between October to June, The Magic Lantern showcases films with both educational and entertainment value. School Sessions are designed to make children curious about film making, and develop critical thinking and expression through discussion, while sharing and forming social bonds.

The Library of Cinematheque de Tanger is open on Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm, where visitors have access to essays, art books, poetry, journals, novels, film, photography, visual arts, history and more. The Cinematheque de Tanger certainly contributes to the cultural heritage of one of Morocco's most charming destinations.



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