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Beautiful Oasis of Skoura

Skoura is one of Morocco’s beautiful oases and it offers weary travellers a chance to rest their weary feet and enjoy the abundance of nature. At first glance from the road, it resembles a sort of thin, long, oasis. However once you get off the road you discover that Skoura in Morocco is very large and that what appeared to be a line of trees is actually a flourishing oasis.

The source of Skoura’s natural wealth is two seasonal rivers which feed the vegetation in the area. Yet this is not the only reason why people come here. Visitors travel from far away to come and view the rather impressive 17th century Amerhidl Kasbah. This particular Kasbah has been immortalized on the back of the country’s 50 dirham note. As such, it is Skoura’s main attraction and its grand size and interesting design always make it a rewarding find. However, the Amerhidl Kasbah is not the only attraction of this nature in Skoura. Visitors will find that the Dar Ait Sidi el-Mati Kasbah is also a treat. In fact, if you are travelling the area you would probably also do well to visit the Ben Amar and Ait Ben Abou Kasbahs. These masterful creations resemble eastern castles which are only enhanced by the beautiful palm trees that abound in this oasis.

Once you have explored this world of palm groves and castles, you might consider learning more of the religious affiliations of the area through a visit to the pre-islamic Muslim shrine called the Marabout Sidi M’Barek. Then it is best to head off to your accommodation for the evening. There are a number of hotels in Skoura, some of which cater to the poor and others which cater to the rich. It seems there is no middle ground. Visitors may try the Auberge la Palmeraie, the Ait Ben Moro or the fabulous Dar Ahlam which is not only beautiful but extremely expensive too. For light snacks you’ll find a number of simple café-restaurants in Skoura, while Chez Slimani serves very good meals. Be warned, however, that there are no money-changing services in Skoura, so you should make sure to change enough money in Quarzazate before leaving for the oasis. Should you wish to explore this delightful oasis for yourself, you can do so by catching a bus in Quarzazate or waiting for a grand taxi to fill up and take down. Hiring your own car is another alternative which will provide you with ready transport once you have arrived in the oasis. No matter what you choose, you will find your stay here to be delightfully refreshing.



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