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Conservation of Morocco's Wetlands

In an effort to prevent the loss of wetlands, primarily due to encroachment by humans, the Ramsar Convention identifies and monitors wetlands around the world that are considered to be of international importance. Currently, ... read more

Morocco's Imperial Cities: Marrakech

As one of Morocco's four Imperial Cities – the other three being Fes, Meknes and Rabat – Marrakech is awash with history and culture, and has a host of attractions to visit and memorable experiences to enjoy. Some of the ... read more

Barbary Sheep of Morocco

Found in the Saharan Desert and along its borders, Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia) are hardy animals perfectly adapted to thrive in arid and harsh conditions. These interesting mammals take advantage of food sources that ot... read more

Morocco's Imperial Cities: Fes

As the four historical capital cities of Morocco, Fes, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat are referred to as the country's Imperial Cities. Each of these magnificent cities has its own special charm and all are well worth exploring.... read more

Explore Iriqui National Park

Covering an area of 123,000 hectares between the southern foothills of the Anti-Atlas and the Draa River, the Iriqui National Park lies in Morocco's provinces of Tata and Zagora. Recognized as a National Park in 1994, the are... read more

Bird Watching in Morocco

With a variety of different habitats supporting a diverse range of bird species, Morocco is steadily gaining recognition as a worthwhile birding destination. The country lies in the northwest region of Africa, with the Sahara... read more

Discover the Resort Town of Larache

The harbor town of Larache, located in northern Morocco's Tanger-Tétoun region, is a popular summer resort, both with Moroccans and visitors to this exotic North African country. One of the biggest attractions to the town is... read more

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